Quizé – is the Plugin that triples your Ad Revenue

Quizé is a tool for creating engaging quizzes for your website as a way of generating additional revenue through increasing page views, paid ad impressions, driving traffic, increasing time on site, and eliminating bounce rate.

Built-in Monetization Strategies

In order to pass the quiz, visitors have to answer all questions correctly. Our pre-built strategies define what happens if the user gives an incorrect answer and how easy or hard the process would be. The harder – the more pageviews and paid ad impressions, as well as, ad clicks you will get.


In case of an incorrect answer, the user has to answer all incorrect questions again at the end of the quiz.


In case of an incorrect answer, the user returns to the same question until answers it correctly.


In case of an incorrect answer, the user returns to the very beginning of the quiz.

Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Device

All quizzes built with Quizé are fully responsive and dynamic, meaning they can adapt and suit any display. Let users play on their computer, mobiles, or tablets! The built-in ad widget will adjust advertising within quiz to any device.

Use on any device and on any WordPress theme. Quizé Plugin is tested with all devices and most of the popular themes and it will fit for any theme, no matter what device or theme you are using. You don’t have to change a thing to get up and running!

You can create an unlimited number of Quizzes with the Quizé, and each quiz is going to be responsive. So, your visitors can take part even from their mobile handsets as well as their tablets.


Custom and Optional Pages


Make a different Welcome & Final Pages pages for each quiz. You can add a call to action buttons to each page that links to a unique blog post, product, or signup form.

When a user finishes a quiz you can send them to your other quizzes that are already designed to get the necessary performance from your visitors to increase additional revenue.


Optional Congratulations & Wrong answer pages not only allow you to increase your pageviews even more but also work as a promotional and engaging tool. You can choose if you want to show them or not.

All pages are fully customizable, you can add text, code, picture or a video, add links or anything you like.

Earn More Money with More Pageviews

Quizé Comes with Built-In Ad Widgets for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet users.
Put ads around each quiz, and increase your revenue 3x or more!

Support 24/7

If have any questions or looking for advice Quizé comes with a 24/7 support through email or chat.

Ad Networks

Quizé works with any ad network and ad server. You can run multiple ads using built-in ad widgets for any device. Quizé is AdSense friendly plugin.

User Friendly

It is very easy to setup and manage quizzes. Quizé comes with a very simple and easy to use backend.

Custom Pages

Create custom Welcome and Final pages, as well as optional Congratulations & Wrong answer pages. Choose if you want to show them after each question or not to show at all.


Quizé is a SEO friendly plugin and automatically adds ‘no-follow’ tags to thin pages within the quiz. Google loves Quizé!


Quizé perfectly works on any device and display. You don’t have to worry about your quizzes or ads being incorrectly displayed.

Users that go through a quiz tend to browse 10x more pages per visits. Each pageview brings additional paid ad impressions and ad clicks that significantly increase your revenue.

Users engage with the quizzes on the site and go from one quiz to another drastically increasing time per visit. This is one of the very important metrics affecting your websites SEO.

Quizé is proven to lower bounce rate on your site. Users browsing through quizzes on your site engage with content better and do not bounce after viewing the first page for a few seconds.

Quizé is not a simple quiz plugin, but a tool that is aimed to improve user behavior on the site and increase your revenue ensuring maximum monetization.

Great Pricing

The plugin comes with a manual and suggestions for better monetization.
We always test and update our knowledge base with new useful information to ensure success of our users


  • $29.99
  • Lifetime License & Updates (No Refunds)

  • Unlimited Quizzes

  • Built-In Strategies
  • Single Domain Use

  • Email & Chat Support

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