Triple Monetization, Reduce Bounce Rate, Increase Time Per Visit

Quizé is a custom quiz plugin with pre-defined strategies that engage visitors on your site making them generate more paid ad impressions and ad clicks, spent longer time on site, and view more pages.


How does it increase revenue?

Quizé is a tool for creating engaging quizzes for your website as a way of generating additional revenue through increasing page views, paid ad impressions, driving traffic, increasing time on site, and segmenting your audience.

We have tested thousands of quizzes and dozens of strategies chosen the best performing and most profitable and added them to our plugin. Quizé comes with three pre-built strategies that are proven to get more pageviews, paid ad impressions, and ad clicks from visitors.


If user gave a wrong answer he continues to the next question. Incorrectly answered questions are shown again until all answered correctly.


Whenever user gives a wrong answer he goes back to the same question until he answers it correctly.


Whenever user gives an incorrect answer he returns to the very beginning of the quiz until he asnwers all questions correctly.

Ad Safe & Responsive

Quize is a fully responsive plugin that fits any screen, device and theme. We know how important to monetize every visitor of your site. The plugin was tested on most popular themes, ad networks as well as variety of screens sizes on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop displays.

Now you don’t have to worry about monetizing your tablet and mobile users, theme or ads. Quize has pre-built widgets to show ads specifically for users on any Theme, Tablet and Mobile devices.

Advanced ad settings allow to setup advertising for different screens or you can simply add your standard ads that will perfectly fit screen of the user.

Quize iPhone

When people are playing a Quize, they remain on average three times longer on a website.
It’s great if you work with ads on your site.


If you are a publisher and working with CPM, CPC, CPA or any other type of Ad Network – Quizé has pre-built strategies where each is aimed to make user provide necessary performance to increase revenue, such as increase pageviews and paid ad impressions, ad clicks, longer time per visit, and lower bounce rate.

Welcome & Final Page

Setup custom Welcome and Final page where you can tell about quiz, provide additional information, and add code if needed.

Optional Pages

Quiz allows to setup optional Congratulations or Wrong answer pages. Choose if you want to show them after user gives an answer and setup a custom text or code.


Plugin has 3 pre-built strategies that will define how easy or difficult it would be for the user to pass quiz.

Unlimited Quizzes

You can create as many quizzes as you like and apply different settings and strategy to each quiz.

Easy and Fast

We made backend easy and straitghforward so you can easily create a quiz in just a couple of minutes.

Display Ads

Plugin supports all standard Display Ads settings and works with any ad network.


Plugin is 100% AdSense and any other Ad Network safe. It was tested with multiple networks including AdSense. However, we stongly suggest checking ToS of your Ad Networks and not using explicit/prohibited content for your quizzes.

The plugin supports any standard display ads, as well as video ads, and non-standard ads like stickies, exit-pop etc.

We created ad widget within the quiz where you simply paste your ad code.

You can track user statistics in your Google Analytics or any other analytics that you using on your site.


We are constantly working on adding new features to ensure it has the best money making strategies included. The plugin comes with a lifetime license and updates. Whenever a new feature is added or updated you will receive an email with a link to an updated version.

  • Quizé Plugin

  • $29.99
  • Lifetime Licence & Updates

  • Unlimited Quizzes

  • Built-in Strategies
  • Single Domain Use

  • E-Mail Support

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When people are playing a quiz, they remain on average three times longer on a website. It’s great if you work with ads on your site.
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