Quizé is a WordPress plugin for creating and monetizing quizzes on your site.

With Quizé Plugin you can create engaging Personality and Trivia quizzes on your WordPress site and monetize them while users play. Unlike any other quiz plugins, Quizé comes with own ad widgets for desktop and mobile users that help you set ads around your content area and ensure constant visibility which is necessary for making money online.

The built-in strategies provide 4 different ways to monetize your quizzes by adjusting logic and difficulty of the quiz. You can switch strategies and test which one is working the best.

How does monetization work?

It’s very easy! You make money while users play your quizzes. Quizé serves ad impressions to users on each page of the quiz generating revenue with each impression and click. 

All you have to do is to simply add your ad codes from AdSense, any other network (or ad server tags), you work with and Quizé will show your ads while users play. The more pages visitors go through the more ads they will see and the more money you will make. You don’t have to worry about anything else and can fully focus on creating quizzes.

On the average site, users browse 2 pages and spend about a 1 minute time. With Quizé users browse 20 pages and spend over 2:30 minutes per visit, almost completely eliminating bounce rate. This is a 10x increase in page views, which means 10x more revenue.

Ad Networks

Quizé Plugin made in accordance with Google Terms of Services and is 100% safe to use with AdSense or any other Ad Network. Before releasing plugin to the public it was tested on multiple websites with different ad networks to ensure compatibility and monetization.

Quizé supports all formats of advertising including Display, Native, Video, & Non-Standard types of ads.


Quizé is made to fit any WordPress theme, whether it’s free, paid, or custom made. We have tested the plugin with the most popular WP themes to ensure compatibility with all themes, fast load, and usability.

We made Quizé to have own template to ensure the best possible user experience, design, and ad placements necessary for constant visibility and monetization. No matter what theme you are using – it will work with Quizé.

Updates & Support

When you purchase Quizé you receive free lifetime plugin updates and premium technical support of the plugin. You will never have to pay to get an updated version or support and this is all included in a single, one-time payment.

Our main focus is a happy customer, engaged traffic, best possible user behavior and performance, maximum monetization, and being the best quiz plugin available on the market! We provide support in different languages, almost 24/7, and through various ways to ensure we fit every customer needs the same way our plugin fits your site.

Quizé is not another WordPress plugin. Quizé – is a community, a family of like-minded people aimed to succeed. We strive to help and provide the best possible experience with expected results!